Run your logistics system at optimum performance.

redPILOT navigates your logistics operation to operational excellence.
The software solution identifies inefficiencies and thus, supports your team to make better decisions.

redPILOT Modules

The leading-edge supply chain solution acts as your reliable, effective and dynamic co-pilot. Various modules offer comprehensive real-time decision support for warehouse, distribution and fulfillment centres. Thus, the system navigates your operation to optimum performance at every hour of operation. 

Operational Excellence PLANNER

An optimised operating plan is calculated based on selected strategies. Thereby, this module enables you to achieve a holistic optimum across all resources (personnel, machinery and goods). 

Operational Excellence OPTIMISER

Available resources are optimised. An intelligent algorithm was developed that detects bottlenecks and overcapacities. As a result, you can easily and very quickly act to reschedule resources accordingly.

Operational Excellence IMPROVER

This module continuously improves processes by active, system-guided learning during every operating hour. Experience is transformed into ‘know-how’.

Operational Excellence MAINTENANCE

Maintenence tasks can now be executed in a structured and scheduled way. The system prioritises tasks that are the most relevant to the functioning of the warehouse systems. 


This innovative app enables easy communication with the team. Moreover, the interface to the redPILOT Operational Excellence PLANNER module allows transparent, optimised planning based on competences, availabilities and costs.

Optimise performance

Because of bottleneck and excess capacity detection, you will achieve increased average performance. 

Proven best practice approaches

redPILOT provides a data-based foundation for best practice approaches and an automated assessment of potential savings.

Higher operator performance

Operator performance and job satisfaction will increase, due to transparent competence management.


Logistics operators will gain immediate benefits using the redPILOT Operational Excellence Solution. 

Reduced efforts

Personnel and system efforts are minimised due to a holistic approach to operations scheduling of all resources.

Better basis for decisions

Decisions of warehouse managers and supervisors are made based on real-time visibility of detailed process performance and cost.

Prevention of downtimes

Technical availability increases due to prioritised maintenance activity.

Seamless Integration

We integrate our software package seamlessly into your environment, regardless of which WMS, WES or WCS you use. Also, the solution can be hosted either as a cloud service, or provided to your existing hardware infrastructure.

Award-winning Solution

redPILOT Operational Excellence Software was awarded the Best IT Innovation 2019 by MHI.  
MHI is the largest material handling, logistics and supply chain association in the US.