Save time
managing labor
Improve planning quality & employee Performance
Attract & retain
better talent

Smartphone app for more flexibility in labor planning

Communication with your team has never been easier. The teamAPP increases flexibility, while it decreases complexity in planning.  The planning process gets more transparent and is optimized based on competences, availabilities and costs.

Manual re-planning due to short time changes (no-call no-shows, sick leaves, etc.) can be very time consuming and exhausting. Managers usually over-plan to compensate for these last minute changes – but this results in high costs per shift. If they have to fall back on temp workers it gets even more expensive and complex as they are usually not included in the planning workflow. 

With teamAPP managers as well as employees benefit from a lot more flexibility and convenience.

Flexible scheduling incl. support of employee preferences

Online shift plan accessible at all times on the personal smartphone

Absence management that is fast, clear,  and easy

Shift change assistant to conveniently pick up or drop a shift

Transparency in staffing and shift planning

Empower employees with online flex-scheduling and shift change capabilities.

Warehouses experience exceptionally high turnover rates. So, giving workers a voice and engage them in the planning process helps to retain talent.

With teamAPP planners can publish shift plans created in the redPILOT Operational Excellence PLANNER by the click of a button. Employees can access shift plans directly on their smartphone. 

Reduce workload

Manual re-planning in case of short term changes is no longer necessary. Changes can be requested via teamAPP and can be approved/declined directly in redPILOT. This saves a huge amount of time.

Increase employee satisfaction

Empower employees with online flex-scheduling and shift change capabilities. They get a say in the planning by providing their preferred availabilities. Their involvement the planning process gives them more flexibility and autonomy will boost motivation.

Optimize cost

Due to the demand-oriented planning process, you can drive down cost. Employees are assigned according to skill and availability, so the job is done by the one best suited for it.

Standardize communication

Plans and any changes are pushed to the operators’ smartphones. Absence management is handled directly in the app. All communication is based on a defined process. 

teamAPP offers more flexibility in resource planning and is one of the five modules of the  redPILOT Operational Excellence Solution.

redPILOT schedules employees at optimal cost, based on required quantities, employee availability and comptetences, as well as customer-specific rules.


Manage your workforce the smart way

Employees expect and demand flexibility, self-determination and appreciation. If companies grant these, they benefit two-fold: they are perceived as desirable employer, and existing employees are motivated. For logistics companies, that means giving employees a say in shift planning. The easiest way to do so, is the teamAPP.

Engage and empower employees

Employees can enter their preferred working times and their individual shift choices in teamAPP. They can also send vacation requests and see the current status of their request. If something unexpected comes up, they can put their own shift up for grabs so that co-workers and pick them up. Planners do not even interact, as long as neither cost nor performance are influenced by the change.

teamAPP: the app for more flexibility in planning.