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black friday efficient planning
With Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas just around the corner, the busiest time of the year for most companies […]
automation from min to max
Is warehouse optimization software only reasonable for highly automated warehouses? Not at all! Many warehouses rely on mainly labor dependent […]
racecar driver_pilot for warehouse optimization
Steering and optimizing logistics operations can feel like going full speed on a racecourse: making the right decisions in a […]
laptop screen showing flexible workforce planning and scribbles indicating performance increase
What does agile workforce planning really mean and how can you benefit from it? We show you, based on the example of EDEKA, one of our customers.
laptop with workforce management tool and graphs flying out of the screen
Accurate plans are key for maximizing resource utilization, ensuring service levels, and optimizing operation costs in today’s fast changing environment.
football and warehouse optimization
With the UEFA European Championship starting shortly and some football-crazy redPILOTs, it’s only natural, that we asked ourselves: What do […]
operational excellence in logistics
Digitalization, globalization, rising customer expectations and the threat of new competitors are major drivers of change. These challenges put logistics […]
warehouse optimization tool
We already established that using a warehouse optimization tool makes life much easier. But these tools are so diverse. There […]
The right tools can help to make your life so much easier. Stop using spreadsheets for shift planning. Stop plugging […]