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genetics optimise logistics operations
Genetics should help to optimise logistics operations? This sounds a bit crazy, right? Well, not really. Because we are not […]
Finally! Summer is here and the holiday season has started. Holiday planning may be a challenge for some. But did you know that redPILOT supports and simplifies the entire planning process?
iso 27001 certification
Information security and data privacy have always been major concerns for us. All of our processes follow strict rules and regulations in order to manage risks accordingly.
labour management system
We have a LMS built into the redPILOT solution. Because to reach optimum performance, managing labour resources in the most efficient way is one of the most important things.
teamAPP von redPILOT
The demand for flexibility at work has never been as great as it is right now. But how can logistic centres offer the required flexibility? We offer the solution: the teamAPP
Businesses and individuals all over the world are currently impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic. redPILOT works diligently to help navigate […]
cmms as part of operational excellence
Our first Operational Excellence MAINTENANCE system is now live at NORDfrische's distribution centre in Germany.
artificial intelligence for operational excellence
redPILOT algorithms allow warehouse managers to react quickly, during shifts on overcapacities or bottlenecks – real-time optimisation!
team redpilot operational excellence
Looking back on a successful year 2019. We introduced several new features that will further increase performance in intralogistics operations.