Real-time performance insights

Know what happens in your operation at any point in time. Well-structured, easily understandable information about performance levels throughout the warehouse will be available at the click of a button. 

teamKIOSK allows to track all activities in the warehouse in real-time, including activities that are not captured by a WMS, WCS or SAP system.
The data is visualized in the Performance Dashboard which gives a complete picture of the actual performance in your operation and ensures the staff are in the right place at the right time. 

Tracking of all activities:


Better employee

Visibility of low performances
on different levels

Easily understandable, 
real-time insights

Optimization during operation

Real-time performance insights and resilience in-action

While WCS/WMS tracks a lot of activity within the warehouse, there is a significant portion that these systems cannot capture. teamKIOSK can help an operation bring those processes into the light, so you can track the previously untrackable. The Performance Dashboard visualizes data and gives a comprehensive picture of current and historic performance on different levels.

Get a better understanding of the operation

In the Performance Dashboard, managers get valuable insights into performance at various levels:

  • Full warehouse
  • Departments
  • Teams
  • Individuals

Maximize resources

Understanding what happens in the operation in near real-time allows to make adjustments when they are necessary. Managers get a clear picture of the current situation. If processes do not perform as required, they can immediately react and shift resources. By doing so, the overall performance increases and resources are utilized in the best possible way. 

Get a better understanding of operator performance

Operators working on non-system based activities (e. g. cleaning, palletizing) record start and end times as well as quantities processed in the teamKIOSK portal. These performance data as well as the performance data from WMS, WCS, SAP, ect. are then transferred into the Performance Dashboard, where it is visualized in an easy-to-understand, comprehensive way. 

Unified, real-time data

Data is collected from teamKIOSK as well as other Warehouse Management and Warehouse Control Systems and presented in one place: the Performance Dashboard. Thus, managers get granular, real-time, end-to-end intelligence they need to mitigate bottlenecks. 

teamKIOSK & Performance Dashboard offer transparency and advanced decision support and are one of the five modules of the  redPILOT Operational Excellence Solution.

redPILOT schedules employees at optimal cost, based on required quantities, employee availability and competences, as well as customer-specific rules.

Increased transparency & performance

teamKIOSK & Performance Dashboard: Transparency and real-time intelligence