Increase Performance

Bottlenecks and overcapacities are detected by a specifically developed algorithm. As a result, action alternatives are proposed and the performance of your overall system increases.

Reduce efforts

Forward-looking operations scheduling of all resources will lead to a holistic optimum, considering performance and costs. Thus, system and personnel efforts will be minimised. 

improve Operations

Machine-based learning automatically improves the system itself, which steadily enhances your operations in a systematic way and detects hidden potential. 

Why choose us

We provide the
world’s only holistic solution to run your logistics operation at optimum level.

It is our aim to achieve the ecological, social and economic optimum for your logistics systems, by focussing on sustainable planning of available resources and continuous improvement.

Operational Excellence in Action

To gain a better understanding about the redPILOT solution, please see our videos and case studies.


Operational Excellence

Learn more about forward-looking operation scheduling and how it will lead to optimised performance.


Operational Excellence

See how to optimise available resources, considering bottlenecks and overcapacities.

Case Study

EDEKA Rhein-Ruhr

Read about how a major German retailer runs its logistics systems at optimum performance during every hour of operation.



See how employees can easily initiate shift swapping requests in this mobile app, which will ultimately boost their motivation.

Master Intralogistics Challenges

Logistics operations need to excel in a highly competitive environment. No matter if large, small, complex, or simple: they need to work under constantly changing conditions. Yours will undoubtly face similar challenges. Do any of the following questions concern you as well?

  • My order structures are constantly changing. So, how should I utilise my logistics system in the best way?
  • 3 guys did not show up for the shift again. How do I therefore handle the required volume in the best possible way?
  • Which measures can I take to really reduce the cost per unit handled?
  • Our sister company impressed by changing this process. But how can we apply the same in a simple way for our operations?
  • We made the same mistake again. What is the reason that we are not learning from past experiences?
  • Why is maintenance always asking to service components in my shift? They cannot do maintenance tasks now – we need these tools today.
  • What happened last month? For some reason our operational costs are much higher than expected without any obvious reason.
  • Why do I have to spend so much time re-scheduling?

We are your partner for optimising
intralogisics operations.

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